Qatar marks World Meteorological Day


Qatar joined other countries in celebrating the World Meteorological Day. This year it the day celebrated under the slogan ‘The ocean, our climate and weather’. Qatar pays great attention to aspects of meteorology and climate change, in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable development and promoting green development. This is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as with Qatar’s international commitments and efforts in making international co-operation successful.

Qatar is committed to a proactive role at the regional level to assess the impact of climate change and mitigate its negative effects, especially in the GCC states, and to support relevant international initiatives. Qatar’s permanent constitution affirms the preservation of the environment and its natural balance in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for all generations, as the country works with regional and international parties to address environmental and climate change issues. Qatar has a prominent contribution to global initiatives that aim to mitigate the effects of climate change. While stressing the importance of celebrating the World Meteorological Day, director of the Meteorology Department at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Abdullah Mohamed al-Mannai said that the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) approved this day after its inception due to its importance. The organisation and members have always chosen a slogan for this day to reflect an important issue in the field of meteorology and climate, and the importance of this aspect and its implications for people’s lives. Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), al-Mannai said that Qatar, represented by the Meteorology Department at the CAA, celebrated this day every year in recognition of the importance of meteorological sciences and climate change and their impact on people’s lives, and for Qatar to be an active player in the international arena in these areas. Regarding the slogan for this year’s celebration *The ocean, our climate and weather he explained that there is a close connection between the elements of the slogan. He explained that the choice of slogan comes from the fact that the desire to know more about weather and climate and the changes associated with them requires more efforts to gain familiarity with ocean sciences, given the impact of changes in the oceans and their reflection on the weather and climate cycle. Al-Mannai stressed that these efforts will have a positive impact and contribute to increasing knowledge about climate change. He added that changes in ocean waters and their effects on the weather and climate cycle would contribute to reducing some natural disasters and limit some human and material losses. On Qatar’s interest in meteorology and the efforts made in this regard, al-Mannai stressed that the Meteorology Department is working continuously to develop its system. He pointed out that the department had started implementing some important projects that were recently completed. The official added that the department spares no effort to develop everything that would enhance the position of meteorology in Qatar and contribute to providing distinct and integrated services. Al-Mannai said that the devices used by the Meteorology Department are at a high degree of sophistication and accuracy, explaining that those devices that entered into operation during the last two years contribute to enhancing the performance of the department’s work efficiently and help employees to perform their work to the fullest. It also produces highly accurate analyses and forecasts, he said. He explained that the monitoring section of the department has 13 automatic meteorological stations, with work underway to install them at sites that have been identified based on careful studies. He added that some of these stations will be installed at sites serving the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Al-Mannai said that they have nearly 50 rain monitoring devices, 25 of which have been installed, while the remaining will be installed in areas that have been selected according to the characteristics of each area. The devices will be installed during this year, in co-ordination with the competent authorities, he added.


Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar