Qatar Made Great Strides in the Advancement and Empowerment of Women

New York, – The State of Qatar underlined that its has made great strides for the advancement and empowerment of women and gender equality.

Women in the State of Qatar enjoy today all their rights, guaranteed by the Qatari Constitution which provides for equality between all citizens in rights and duties, and equality of all before the law without discrimination, member of Qatar’s delegation participating in the 71 session of the UN General Assembly Nora Salem Al Muraikhi said in her address before the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on Item (27).

She noted that Qatar National Vision 2030 aspires to enable women play their important and influential roles in all areas of life, pointing out to the National Development Strategy of Qatar (2011 to 2016) which included an action plan to promote the empowerment of women through education, capacity building, removing barriers and promoting the role of women in leadership at all levels.

In the meantime, the State of Qatar pays attention to rights and duties of the family. The National Development Strategy of Qatar included a strategy for family cohesion and empowerment of women aims to maintain a strong family that is supported and socially protected, through achieving a balance between work and family responsibilities. In the framework of the implementation of this strategy, the state has worked to expand child-care facilities and to adopt more appropriate work circumstances for women.

Meanwhile, the State of Qatar stressed the importance of the efforts to eliminate violence against women which contribute to the achievement of development, and promote peace and social security.

In order to enable Qatari women in the economic field and investment, Qatar has been working to strengthening and enhancing the role of women in economic decision-making and encourage them to contribute to the establishment of various investment projects.

Concluding, the State of Qatar reiterated its commitment to the empowerment of women in exercising all their rights and their participation in all aspects of life as indispensable actor in achieving sustainable and comprehensive development.

Source: Qatar News Agency