Qatar Hosts New Round of Talks between US and Taliban

The State of Qatar hosted a new round of talks between the United States and the Afghan Taliban movement, started on June 29, to complement previous rounds of talks in Doha that aimed at finding a diplomatic way to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan.

During this round of talks, the two sides discussed the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the non-use of Afghanistan territory against the United States or any other country, participation in Afghan-Afghan dialogue and negotiations, and a comprehensive ceasefire.

In the opening statement, the two sides stressed the importance of ending the suffering of the Afghan people, who long and deserve peace. They also stressed the mutual desire of both sides to move quickly and make tangible progress.

The State of Qatar, which is mediating the talks, welcomed the current round of talks between the United States and Taliban as an important and tangible development in the peace talks in Afghanistan. Qatar expressed the hope that the talks will achieve the desired results to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs