Qatar Greets the Palestinian Resistance, Calls for Unity

The State of Qatar greeted Tuesday the resistance of the Palestinian people of Israeli aggression, and called on the Palestine to unite ahead of any other interest in the struggle against occupation.

This came in a speech by HE Qatars Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al Sahlawi during his chairing of Qatar’s delegation at an Arab league meeting at the permanent representatives level to discuss the latest Israeli escalation against the Palestinians. He said that the Palestinian cause was facing many risks, highlighting the recent decision in Australia to recognize with West Al Quds as a capital of Israel and neglecting all the international resolutions on the issue. He described the decision as irresponsible, and one that would have negative implications on the attempts to reach comprehensive peace.

He also highlighted the position of the newly-elected Brazilian president, who will recognize Al Quds as a capital of Israel and intends to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. The ambassador also expressed regret that some Arab officials continue to undermine the official Palestinian or Arab positions on the issue. He said that such actions weaken the Arab position internationally at a time when the Arab World needs to be united.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs