Qatar Fine Arts Association Opens Elite Exhibition in Katara

Qatar Fine Arts Association opened Monday the Elite exhibition at its headquarters at Building 13 of the General Cultural Village (Katara).

Bringing together a number of artists and visual arts audience, the event showcases 40 art works for 37 Qatari and resident artists, who belong to various generations and artistic schools.

The works displayed include paintings, portraitures, sculptures and ceramics, and they inspire nature, society, people, and heritage. They employ a variety of tools and materials.

Qatari artist Moudhi Al Hajri said in a statement to Qatar News Agency that she participated in the exhibition with a painting whose theme was inspired by heritage, and in which there is a mixture of the aesthetics of traditional architecture and games. She added that she conveyed the pulse of life in this heritage by blending the aesthetics of photography and drawing.

Qatari artist Mariam Al Mulla said that her participation includes an imaginary dialogue with one of Pablo Picasso’s works through employing symbols and details from Qatari reality and heritage.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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