HE Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker stressed that the national carrier would continue updating its fleet with new airplanes to continue growth, pointing to its zero incidents in light of its proactive view of dealing with the aviation sector and the travel and tourism market.

During a session entitled “The Latest from 30,000 Feet,” within the activities of the Qatar Economic Forum, His Excellency pointed to the higher demand for travel in China, noting the importance of the Chinese market, not only for Qatar Airways but also for the aviation industry in general. His Excellency indicated that the Chinese represent the highest portion compared to other countries, which reflects the potential of that market to the aviation sector.

Al Baker called on the manufacturers and aviation companies to increase the number of manufactured airplanes, as well as speed up the operational path and increase safety, pointing out that the aviation sector was globally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Al Baker also pointed out the difficulty of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 in the aviation sector, attributing this to the insufficient availability of fuel for aviation, in addition to the fact that the hydrogen technology production project is still in its early stages and is expected to mature in the second half of the current century, stressing the need to be realistic about the issue of sustainability scenarios.

In the same context, President and CEO of Boeing Company David Calhoun stressed that Boeing has priorities that it seeks to achieve, which are related to stability, solving supply chain problems, and achieving sustainability. He pointed out the need for aviation manufacturers to develop solutions to the issue of supply chains to meet the needs of aircraft.

He noted the obstacles facing the aviation industry market in terms of supply and demand during the coming years so that it can meet market conditions by responding to offers, but the determinants of meeting supply are the problem.

Calhoun called on companies to invest millions of US dollars in that industry to reach clean and sustainable energy, as well as adopt modern technology and ensure its compatibility with the required aviation industry conditions, in addition to setting a priority to reduce carbon emissions and promote the use of sustainable fuels. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency