Qatar Condemns and Denies Statements Regarding Qatari Mediation in Yemen

The State of Qatar has denied and strongly condemned the statements of the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs which were reported by some media outlets in the siege countries regarding Qatari mediation between some Yemeni parties, a Foreign Ministry official source said.

The source stated that the statements are baseless and surprising as they were attributed to an official of the UAE Foreign Ministry, adding that it would have been better to investigate such serious statements that do not serve the interests of the brotherly Yemeni people.

The source revealed that the State of Qatar welcomes any mediation that would end the senseless war that the Yemeni people are paying its price and bring about a political solution that complies with the resolutions of international legitimacy, and it continues to support and stand by the mediation efforts made by the brotherly State of Kuwait between the Yemeni parties.

The source reiterated the need to end the fighting and the senseless war and to appeal to all parties in Yemen to resort to dialogue in order to restore stability to the people of Yemen and to preserve its territorial integrity.

The source confirmed that the State of Qatar spares no effort to provide all the assistance needed to the Yemeni people to face the tragic situation and conditions imposed by the current war and that the Qatari aid (is still waiting for approval to enter Yemeni territory).

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs