Cairo – Acting Director of Department of Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HE Ambassador Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Henzab said that the State of Qatar was committed to enhancing human rights in the country.

He noted that the system for protecting human rights is a main pillar of achieving development in Qatar. This came in a joint press conference held with Chairperson of the Arab Human Rights Committee (Charter Committee) Chancellor Mohamed Jomaa Fazee after the conclusion of the 13th General Assembly meeting of the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions which was dedicated to discussing the State of Qatar’s report.

HE the Ambassador praised the transparency with which the discussion on the report was held. His Excellency added that they will consider the observations made to them during the meeting to further enhance human rights in Qatar. His Excellency added that the state has worked on amending a number of provisions related to the rights of expatriates. One of them was establishing a committee for settlement dispute and moved towards a contractual system between employers and their workers. His Excellency stressed that the State of Qatar considers Qatar a main partner in development.

For his part, Fazee praised the State of Qatar for the amendments it made in the labor law to guarantee the protection of foreign workers. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency