Qatar Committed to Continuing Support to Uganda

The State of Qatar stressed Friday that it will continue its support to Uganda, which began in the seventies of the 20th century in many fields.

The continued support is a result of the excellent bilateral ties and Qatar’s belief in the importance of international development efforts and forming global partnerships, HE Director of the International Technical Cooperation Department at Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tariq Ali Al-Ansari said during the Refugees Solidarity Summit in Uganda. The two-day event is taking place in Ugandan capital Kampala.

Al Ansari highlighted the important projects in the field of education that Uganda is undertaking with international partners. He noted that the State of Qatar contributed $10 million to those efforts, due to its belief of supporting education as an international development goal. He added that education is a safe and peaceful way for societies to get a sense of justice and for states to establish institutions capable of maintaining stability.

Director of the International Technical Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that planting a culture of peace in the young generation will guarantee future officials who believe in dialogue rather than violence. He added that this is one of the core beliefs of Qatari foreign policy.

He added that the summit and Qatar’s efforts had something in common, which is to serve humanity and enhance international cooperation to resolve new challenges. He stressed that Qatar has been dealing with such a challenge on a humanitarian, economic, and political level in light of continued unfair campaign against the country that threatens regional and international stability. He added that such a campaign also undermines development and the principle good neighborliness. Despite that Qatar’s responsible leadership is dealing with the crisis wisely in a manner respected by peace-loving countries and the countries participating in this summit, Al Ansari said.

The Qatari official noted that the State of Qatar appreciates the great efforts and burden the government of Uganda and the country’s economy are dealing with as a result of hosting one million refugees. He called on the international community to provide support to the country on par with the challenges it face, in order to boost development and help build strong economic institutions.

He stressed that Qatar has long supported Uganda’s peacekeeping efforts in the African horn, particularly under the umbrella of the African Union. The Director of the International Technical Cooperation Department at Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also praised the efforts of the UN designated authorities and the countries involved in dealing with one of the most complex crises facing sustainable human development, which is refugees.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs