Qatar Charity Inaugurates Doha Alkhair Village in Djibouti

Doha, Qatar Charity has inaugurated Doha Alkhair village in Arta Region in Djibouti.

Funded by Ruhama Qatar initiative and implemented by Rahma International foundation, the Doha Alkhair village includes 100 houses, a clinic, a mosque, an elementary school, a center for tailoring, water tanks and other facilities. It is expected to help 1,200 poor and needy persons in Djibouti will benefit from this integrated residential project.

The village, which its construction completed within a year, is designed to provide a safe and decent accommodation for 100 families along with basic health care for them and education service for more than 360 students, as there are no schools in the area. It also provides drinking water supply and also contributes to the creation of job opportunities through qualifying and training female students in tailoring field.

The Qatar Charity’s office in Djibouti was launched in 2015 and has implemented a variety of projects to benefit 77,801 people.

Source: Qatar News Agency