Qatar Charity (QC) delivered urgent relief aid to flood-affected Afghan refugees and the underprivileged members of the host community in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, in collaboration with the country’s Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). The aid benefited more than 9,000 Afghan refugees and individuals from the host community.

The relief aid, which included food items and non-food items, is part of Qatar Charity’s efforts to ease the suffering of the beneficiaries in this time of plight and meet their essential needs.

Qatar Charity, as part of this relief aid, has distributed 75 tents along with trampoline sheets to 75 families in Nushki, a district in Balochistan, where all the houses of an entire village consisting of 75 households were completely damaged. Some 525 persons benefitted from this shelter aid.

Apart from tents, dry food packages were also distributed to 1275 families from the Afghan Refugees and the host communities of Nushki and Qilla Saifullah, also a district in Balochistan, which are located at the Pak-Afghan border with a major influx of Afghan refugees. The food packages contained flour, sugar, rice, dates, vegetable oil, and other essential food items. Some 8,925 individuals benefitted from this rapid intervention.

Qatar Charity’s field team in Pakistan managed to help those affected by the floods in the hard-to-reach remote areas and villages.

“We requested Qatar Charity to provide relief aid in the village, which was badly hit by the flood,” said Mr. Khurram Khalid Baloch, Deputy Commissioner, Nushki, adding that Qatar Charity distributed relief items in coordination with government authorities. He indicated that the area needed immediate shelter, and food assistance, which was delivered by Qatar Charity.

The beneficiaries expressed their delight in receiving the timely aid that helped them to meet their basic needs in their time of suffering.

“I did not only lose my house and livestock in the flood but also was scared of losing my children due to hunger,” said Mrs.

Jameela Naz, a beneficiary who received a tent and dry food items from Qatar Charity.

“My mud house, which was a shelter for my family of seven, was washed away by the flood,” said Mr. Abdullah Jan, an Afghan Refugee, a daily-wage worker, noting that Qatar Charity provided food aid for his family in this time of plight.

It is worth noting that in Ramadan, Qatar Charity distributed food packages to Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, benefiting 12,600 refugees.

Source: Qatar Charity

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