Qatar Believes That Terrorism and Extremism among Most Serious Challenges Facing International Community – Ambassador Al-Malki

HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Italian Republic Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al-Malki has affirmed the belief of the State of Qatar that terrorism and extremism are among most serious challenges facing the international community.

Speaking at a lecture at the University of John Cabot, HE the ambassador described the Gulf crisis as unprecedented in the region and considered that the impact of the blockade on the economic level was marginal.

The Gulf crisis has no precedent in the region because it contradicts the region’s moral history and contradicts international norms and laws as well as the customs, traditions and common factors that unite the Gulf states,” HE the Ambassador noted, adding that the fundamentals of Qatar’s foreign policy depend on the balance between the firm principles and the interests of the people of Qatar and the peoples of the region coupled with political reality.

He stressed that the State of Qatar’s belief that terrorism and extremism are among the most serious challenges faced by the international community which leads Qatar for joint action in cooperation with the international community to eradicate terrorism and extremism.

HE Ambassador Al Malki said : It is no secret to anyone that the real reasons behind the blockade are not the fight against terrorism, but it is an attempt to impose guardianship and interference in the foreign policy of the State of Qatar and the containment of its sovereignty and interference in its internal affairs, which violates international laws and the principles of the United Nations. He stressed that “this is unacceptable on our part, and I do not think that there is an independent and sovereign state may accept.”

HE the Ambassador noted that the impact of the siege on the economic level was marginal. He pointed out that the State of Qatar, under its wise leadership, had taken immediate measures necessary to meet the challenges in the field of air and sea transportation besides finding alternative sources of primary goods and services, which returned to normal and better than they were in the past.

He pointed out that one of the objectives of the siege is to target our economy and create political tension that affects the stability of Qatar and forced to accept the custody and abandon its sovereignty. This plan has failed because of the determination and will of the Qatari people,” he said.

HE Ambassador Al Maliki said that, based on the convictions and the belief of the State of Qatar that constructive dialogue is the best way to resolve the crises and disputes, Qatar has stressed from the first day of the crisis the need to resolve this political dispute through constructive dialogue within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and support the Kuwaiti mediation.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs