Qatar Ambassador to Italy: Qatar Does Not Accept Foreign Interference in Its Affairs

HE Qatar’s ambassador to the Republic of Italy, Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Malki, said that the current situation in Qatar is a real siege. “The State of Qatar is fully convinced that dialogue is the only way to put an end to the current Gulf crisis,” he said.

In an interview with La Stampa newspaper, HE the Ambassador stressed that the State of Qatar does not accept deliberate and external interference in the affairs related to its sovereignty and does not accept the tutelage of anyone, pointing out that this is a deliberate step that violates international laws, especially international humanitarian laws.

He explained that the only possible solution to the crisis is engaging into negotiating without involving the citizens in this issue, which can be resolved between the GCC countries. He added that the State of Qatar is the victim of serious attacks such as the unilateral decision of cutting off diplomatic relations and closing the airspace as well as sea and land borders. Many families have been separated and many students have been suspended, he said adding that there are people who have been forced to leave their places of residence and their jobs.

HE the Minister said that Qatar has communicated with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to cancel the decision of closing the air spaces of some Gulf countries because it violates international laws and conventions.

On the reasons and tendentious rumors about this crisis, he said that Iran is geographically close to the State of Qatar and is linked by bilateral economic interests, which are the same interests of any other country in the region or the world that has economic relations with Iran.

With regard to the false accusations about the State of Qatar’s support for terrorism, HE Ambassador Al Malki stressed that the State of Qatar moves in the regional and international sphere under the umbrella of the United Nations and is officially dealing with legitimate governments recognized by the United Nations and not with persons or groups. “The State of Qatar has announced that it has cooperated continuously with the international institutions to combat terrorism and it refuse to put its name on false accusations in this regard,” he added.

The Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Italy expressed his appreciation for all efforts aimed at resolving the crisis, especially by the State of Kuwait.

HE Ambassador Al Malki stressed that Italy has never stopped dialogue with the State of Qatar. “The important activities that we undertake have not been stopped or postponed. These days in particular, joint projects between the two countries will be identified and the implementation of the bilateral agreements that began in previous years, is being followed-up, ” he said.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs