Qatar Airways will continue delivering aid to India free of charge: Al Baker


Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive H E Akbar Al Baker has said that Qatar Airways would continue delivering aid supplies to India free of charge.
“This is not only three planes that are going to deliver aid goods to India but we are very open to entire world to send aids to India which will be carried free of charge by Qatar Airways,” he said while talking to Sky News. The video of the interview was shared by Qatar Airways on its Twitter handle.
“We have very close relationship with India and we are always there for helping countries in the subcontinent. We have very long standing economic and political relationship with India. It is our culture in Qatar Airways to always be there to our friends in time of their needs.”
To a question about types of aids, he said that there are medicines, oxygen cylinders, medical equipment, and ventilators among other things.
“Everything that is required disparately by Indian people we are transporting on our freighters to them.”
He added: “We are human beings and anything that shows the suffering of the people will take to our hearts and we are always there to help. It is a dire situation in India. I think the entire world today is unprepared for what is unfolding not only in India but in many countries and it is a duty of humanity to help such people in need especially to the countries that are inundated with the pressure on their medial system.”
To a question about the effects of COVID-19 in Qatar, he said like any other country Qatar was affected but it has very good handled it. “We have very massive decline in infection rates and people are getting out of the disease. Over 35 percent of the population is already vaccinated and by the end of July, the entire Qatari population including expatriates will be vaccinated.”
Speaking about the impact of pandemic on travel, he said: “We have been impacted but I want to mention that Qatar Airways is one of the only global airline that has received COVID-19 airline safety rating by Skytrax and Hamad International Airport, our hub, is the only airport in the Middle East and Asia region to receive airport COVID-19 safety rating by Skytrax. We have taken all the precautions to protect our passengers and staff from getting exposed to this deadly virus.”
He added: “We are very focused and we are ready to invest in latest technologies. Qatar Airways was the only airline that was connecting people and taking them to home. We were very resilient from the beginning of the pandemic.”


Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar