Qatar Affirms Importance of Sustainable Development in Achieving Stability and Prosperity

New York, – The State of Qatar affirmed its belief in the importance of sustainable development as a key factor for the stability and prosperity of the peoples.

Addressing the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly on item (19) on Sustainable Development, member of Qatar’s delegation participating in the UNGA 71 session Abdulrahman Al Sheib said that Qatar has been a pioneer adopting policies that ensure the sustainability of development. The State has developed a comprehensive national strategy for development, according to the Qatar National Vision 2030.

In this regard, he underlined Qatar’s exceptional and great attention to improve the quality of education, and giving the opportunity for everyone to get a quality education and gain experience, out of its belief in the importance of investing in human resources, especially young people, who are partners and key shareholders in achieving the sustainable development.

He the negative impacts of the frequent conflicts and crises in the world on achieving sustainable development which requires joint responsibility, creating an enabling environment, fighting violent extremism, strengthening the rule of law and governance, and ensuring human rights.

Source: Qatar News Agency