Qatar Aeronautical College qualifies as IATA’s Premier Circle Member


QATAR Aeronautical College (QAC) has been qualified as IATA’s 2017 Premier Circle Member for its impressive results in 2016.QAC was able to achieve the recognition due to its excellence in several aspects, including provision of all training needs through purchase of advanced equipment and devices. These purchases included programmes, courses, simulators and other materials that may be used in marketing of IATA transport programmes in particular and customer programmes in general.The college has worked hard to strengthen its ties with IATA, which is closely connected with lots of college training programmes as an international accreditation party. In this regard, QAC fulfilled the requirements and standards of IATA in its programmes and training courses, and worked towards the implementation of IATA courses and syllabuses in the Air Traffic Control and Advanced Aviation Management departments.IATA congratulated QAC for the recognition.Director-General of QAC Sheikh Jabor bin Hamad bin Mohammed al Thani said,”QAC has become one of the leading colleges in the region and across the world, especially after receiving the recognition out of the 450 IATA-registered colleges, where QAC has been ranked in the top 10.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar