Qaouq: IsraeliSaudi rapprochement; a stab in the bosom of Arabdom

Israeli-Saudi rapprochement is a stab in the bosom of Arabdom, senior Hezbollah official cleric Nabil Qaouq exclaimed in his commemoration of a slain party member at Shaqra Husseiniyya mosque in South Lebanon today.

The anti-Hezbollah resolution is tantamount to a green light for launching a fresh Israeli aggression on Lebanon to which KSA is a full partner, Qaouq added. Saudi Arabia while constituting a grave strategic threat to Lebanon stakes high hopes on Hezbollah’s recoiling from fighting ISIL/Nusra threat. Sooner, they would realize the extent of their delusion in Yemen too, Qaouq said.

Saudi anti-Hezbollah campaign is doomed to failure as had happened with Israel back in 2006. Faked Saudi notion of Arabdom necessitates that the House of Saud repents by publicly apologizing for all of its committed sins, Qaouq concluded.

Source: National News Agency