Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Muslim World “can fully count on Russia’s support”, stressing Russia’s readiness to cooperation with regional partners in fighting terrorism and settling disputes.

Addressing the participants in the meeting of the Strategic Vision Group (Russia-Islamic World) in the Chechen capital of Grozny, Putin said that Russia is ready to boost regional cooperation with its partners in the fight against terrorism and in the search for peaceful ways to resolve crises. “I am confident that by joining our efforts, we can do much to strengthen global security and stability, as well as to build a fair and democratic world order, free of any kind of intolerance, discrimination and military dictate,” the Russian president added.

The third meeting of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group is taking place in Chechnya for the first time from May 16 to 18. The Group of Strategic vision was created in 2006 under the leadership of the former Russian Prime Minister E. M. Primakov and the former President of Republic of Tatarstan M. Sh. Shaimiev after the Russian Federation joined the Organization of Islamic cooperation as the observer.

Source: Qatar News Agency