Moscow, – President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the German Chancellor held Tuesday talks on a number of important regional and international topics including the Syrian crisis and Germany’s preparations for hosting the G20 summit in addition to the Ukraine crisis.

At a joint news conference after his talks with Merkel, Putin said he condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria, calling for those responsible to be punished.

“We decisively condemn any use of chemical weapons,” Putin reiterated, saying that both sides agreed on the need for a full investigation of the attack on Syria’s Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident.

On the G-20 summit, the Russian president said that his country is ready to work for the success of the summit, which will be held in Hamburg, Germany in July, adding that he and Merkel discussed the details of the preparations for the next summit of 20.

Putin added that Moscow and Berlin have already cooperated constructively within the framework of the G20 on important issues such as combating the financing of terrorism, money laundering, tax evasion and corruption, noting that cooperation between the two countries has contributed to making significant progress in stabilizing the global economy.

On Ukraine, “The situation in Ukraine remains a source of serious concern,” Putin said, adding that during today’s talks, the two leaders confirmed the need for the implementation of Minsk agreements by all sides.

For her part, the German Chancellor expressed support for the truce in Syria. She also reiterated readiness to cooperate with Russia in the fight against global terrorism.

The German chancellor spoke about the Western sanctions imposed against Moscow against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis.

Merkel then addressed the issue of anti-Russia sanctions saying: “Russia is a constructive partner, but the sanctions could be lifted only after the Minsk agreements are fully implemented.” When asked by a reporter about the possibility of a new agreement on the Ukraine conflict settlement, Merkel firmly said she is against that. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency