PSA Issues the 88th Version of “Qatar; Monthly Statistics” Bulletin


The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) issued the 88th issue of “Qatar; Monthly Statistics” Bulletin, which is a series of statistical bulletins issued on a monthly basis. In this issue, the most important statistical variables that occurred in the country during the month of April 2021 were highlighted, in addition to excerpts from the 2015 census results.

Among the most prominent variables in this issue is a decrease in total traffic violations by 10.5% from March 2021, and an increase in the annual rate by 239.0% from April 2020. This was offset by a decrease in the total traffic accident cases at a monthly rate of 17.6% from March 2021, while increasing annually by 53.5 % for the month of April 2020.

The changes also included an increase in the total number of Qatari live births, with a monthly increase of 3.8% from March 2021, and an annual increase of 205.9% from April 2020. In addition to the annual increase in the number of marriage contracts for Qataris by 103.2% from April 2020, the number of marriage contracts for Qatari women increased annually by 111.6% compared to April 2020.


Source: Government of Qatar