President of Guyana to QNA: Constructive and Serious Talks with HH the Amir Open Greater Prospects for Distinguished Relations

HE President of Cooperative Republic of Guyana Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali stressed that the talks he held with HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani within the framework of his current visit to the country were constructive and serious and would open greater prospects for the distinguished relations between the two countries.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency , His Excellency underscored that his visit to the State of Qatar was very successful, adding that the next stage will consequently witness numerous joint actions, expressing his aspiration to further cooperative ties between the two countries at the public and private levels, in pursuit of achieving their joint interests.

His Excellency noted the influential and wonderful role undertaken by the State of Qatar at the regional and international levels making it a crucial player at the level of various global issues.

He described the current relations between his country and the State of Qatar as solid and are based on the joint commitment towards the human benefit in general to create a stable and peaceful environment for the peoples of the two countries, to encourage the implementation of investments that would promote the welfare of the two friendly peoples, to provide business, trade community and private sector, and to construct a critical infrastructure and a solid and flexible economy.

He added that the talks he held in Qatar were successful and his meetings with several officials in the country addressed topics related to investment opportunities in Guyana and the role of partnership with the Qatari private sector in advancing it, expressing his hope that all these meetings would enhance the available opportunities between the two countries and consider the available potential in Guyana including the joint interest of the two countries and their friendly peoples.

In this context, His Excellency welcomed the Qatari businessmen to invest in his country specially that Qatar has expertise, knowledge, sophistication and technology for quality leadership and a scope of investments that Guyana needs in multiple fields such as climate services, energy, production of foodstuff, agriculture, general infrastructure, and eco-tourism.

He outlined that Guyana has a very open investment policy which is free of discrimination along with a stable and more safer investment environment, and it currently focuses on building a competitive, sustainable and flexible economy.

HE President of Cooperative Republic of Guyana lauded the great development and comprehensive renaissance the State of Qatar enjoys under the wise leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, considering it as success story which included laying out the policies and correct programs that earned Qatar such an image and global good reputation.

HE Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali commended the successful Qatari polices pertaining to the diversification of economy, the expansion the financial system, and supporting the mechanisms to lead development and progress at the national level, adding that Guyana is embarking on the same journey that was started by Qatar long time ago. During this journey, Guyana seeks to emulate the best practices and good examples to adapt oil and gas revenues and translate them into the progress of the entire country, not in terms of material way, but also in the way of transferring and advancing the human element, which is a critical asset of the state to increase productivity, enhance competitiveness and build resilience, he added.

He said the progress made by the State of Qatar has multiple aspects, not only in oil and gas sectors, but in considering the conceptional approach and the forward-looking vision the State of Qatar has adopted positioning it at the best place concerning the crises the world is facing today, whether with respect to food crisis, inflation or production. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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