China Wins World’s Top Award for Desertification Control

WINDHOEK, Namibia, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire — Mr. Wang Wenbiao, Board Chairman of China ELION Resource Group, received the first “Global Dryland Champion” award from the U.N. on the 23rd at Windhoek (Capital of Namibia) during the Eleventh UNCCD Conference of the Parties. In the award ceremony, Mr. Wang Wenbiao received the heavy medal from the hand of Mr. Luc Gnacadja, the Executive Secretary General of UNCCD Organization.

Wang%20Wenbiao%20is%20giving%20a%20speech%20at%20the%20Award%20site. China Wins Worlds Top Award for Desertification Control

Wang Wenbiao is giving a speech at the Award site.

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The “Global Dryland Champion” award was promoted and initiated by the UNCCD Organization and designed to commend those individuals who make excellent contribution to the field of global desertification control. Under the support of the Chinese Government, Mr. Wang Wenbiao has led ELION Group to realize the forestation of over 5,000 square kilometers of Kubuqi Desert in 25 years, which accounts for 1/7,000 of desert land in the world.

In the award ceremony, Mr. Wang Wenbiao thanked the parties of the U.N. conference for their recognition and support to the spirit, experiences and practices of desertification control in China’s Kubuqi Desert. He stressed, “The arduous mission of desertification control could be accomplished only under the joint action by diversified forces including the governments, enterprises, citizens and society.” Therefore, he indicated that he wants to dedicate this medal to the over 6,000 ELION employees who have stuck to the course of desertification control with him for the last 25 years; he also wants to dedicate the medal to his elderly mother, who has been worrying about him and his desertification control work for decades. At last, he said, “Most importantly, I want to dedicate this medal to my motherland. This ancient nation now has a young ‘Chinese Dream,’ and we will build a beautiful homeland of clean water and green mountains even at the cost of giving up mountains of gold and silver, which is the Chinese Dream for us desertification control people.”

Wang%20Wenbiao%20is%20receiving%20the%20medal%20from%20UNCCD%20Executive%20Secretary%20Luc%20Gnacadja. China Wins Worlds Top Award for Desertification Control

Wang Wenbiao is receiving the medal from UNCCD Executive Secretary Luc Gnacadja.

During the conference, the Chinese Kubuqi desertification control case was selected by the U.N. as the official advertising video of the conference, which specially introduced the Kubuqi desertification control practices created by China and the miracle of turning deserts into “green mountains and clean water.” This video was repeatedly played during the conference that was attended by over 3,000 representatives from over 190 nations across the globe, and received warm responses and wide praises. The accomplishments of Chinese desertification control have drawn attention from the world.

Desertification control practices of China’s Kubuqi Desert were widely discussed during the World Desertification Control Conference because, compared with other government or individual desertification control cases, the 25 years of desertification control practices of the Kubuqi Desert was the best case that was promoted by the government and participated in by commercial forces. Chinese ELION Resource Group adopted the sustainable public welfare and commercial desertification control method of “marketization, industrialization and public-welfare-based,” it “took advantage of the usable parts of deserts and avoided the harms of deserts,” created a green development path with balanced driving among “desertification control, ecology, society and economy,” established a model for the desertification control in other countries, and brought more confidence and inspiration for global desertification control works.

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