Power cuts paralyze daily life in Gaza

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- People who live under harsh conditions in Gaza due to ongoing Israeli offensives encountered with a new hindrance with power cuts, which brought daily life to a standstill.

Palestinians are weary of long-continued power cuts in the hospitals, power units, energy transmission lines and infrastructure. Energy failures which lasted for eight hours a day, can last for a day some parts of the city.

Speaking to Cihan news agency, a man named Semah IekIek who stays at Al-Shati refugee camp, said they had to throw their limited food when the refrigerators did not work due to power cuts, which makes life unbearable for them. “We cannot have fresh water since we cannot carry water to storages, which normally work via dynamoelectric. Most of our appliances broke down due to continuous power cuts,” said IekIek.

According to Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil, deputy chairman of the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority in Gaza, power plant, which will have to be rebuilt, will not operate as it did for at least a year.

“We cannot supply electricity to hospitals or water pumps or sewage treatment or for domestic use,” Khalil said. “People have to pump the water to the residential tanks but don’t have electricity.”