Popular makeups were commonly used by Kuwaiti women in past

By Sheikha Al-Loughani

KUWAIT, Mach 17 (KUNA) — Kuwaiti women in old times widely used cosmetics, ingredients of which were extracted from various plants; such as al-derem which was proven quite effective for teeth brightening.
The women, till 40s of the past century, depended on the popular ingredients, herbs and plants; many imported from India, such as henna, al-derem and al-sider (ziziphus).
Al-derem, extracted from walnut trees in India, was popular among the Kuwaiti women for teeth whitening, lip dying and killing repugnant mouth odors.
Women in Kuwait, in times before boom of processed cosmetics, used to adorn their eyes with kajal eyeliner and kohl al-ithmid; the latter extracted from alatmd stone, located in Isfahan (Iran), Morocco and Syria, said the Kuwaiti historian, Ghanima Al-Fahad, in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
Al-ithmid was known for its medical benefits, and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had been quoted as lauding the cosmetic for its benefits to eye sighting and hair growing.
Al-Fahad said the Kuwaiti women in the past used to dry and grind al-sider for hair and body washing.
All Kuwaiti women were always adorned with henna. Girls particularly used it during the eids and some festivals.
Kuwaiti merchants, who used to travel by sea to remote countries, such as India, brought with them various cosmetic products, including a red dye that was applied on the cheeks.
In the early 60s, red powder was brought from Egypt, in addition to lipsticks, lip and eye liners. In the 70s, new makeup products were imported from Lebanon — such as eye shadows, liquid kohl and skin protection creams and lotions. (end) sh.rk