Palestinian Presidency Calls on US and Israel to Cease War in Gaza

Gaza – The Palestinian Presidency has expressed shock and dismay over the United States’ hindrance of international efforts to halt Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza. The Presidency has issued a strong demand for the US to intervene and stop what it describes as a genocide against the Palestinian people.

According to Jordan News Agency, in a statement by Presidency spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeineh, it was noted that the ongoing Israeli aggression has led to the death or injury of tens of thousands of people, including the destruction of hospitals. Abu Rdeineh condemned the acts as war crimes and gross violations of international law and humanitarian law, perpetuated by the Israeli occupation authority in full view of the world.

Abu Rdeineh emphasized that Israel and the US administration have only one viable option: to cease the war and end the occupation. He warned that the ongoing campaign across Palestinian territories aims to create chaos and could drag the region into endless wars with dire consequences for all parties involved. The spokesman asserted that the aggression will not result in peace or security but will lead to an uncontrollable situation across the entire region. He highlighted the failure of military and security solutions and advocated for the end of the occupation and recognition of the Palestinian people’s right to freedom and independence in line with international legitimacy and law.

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