ORHAN – Provocation in Lice

Provocation in LiceThe demolition of the statue of Mahsum Korkmaz, previously erected in a graveyard, by security forces resulted in the killing of a civilian and a soldier by accident. Lice previously experienced turmoil because of demonstrations protesting the construction of military outposts, but what does this whole incident mean? How should we interpret the erection of the statue of Korkmaz, one of the initial leading figures of the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK), in a graveyard? This was a large statue that could have been erected in a big park.

To better answer the question, we need to take a look at who Korkmaz was. Korkmaz joined in on the first violent act by the PKK in 1984 in Eruh and Iemdinli it is alleged that he led these first raids and attacks.

Korkmaz was therefore the first militant to fire a bullet at the state. He died in a clash with the military.

These first bullets fired in Eruh and Iemdinli set a new historical precedent it was to be the first in a three-decade-long warAs noted by imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah calan in his meeting with his visitors last week, the three-decade-long war is nearing an end after the start of negotiations. At the same time, a huge statue of Korkmaz, a symbol of the PKKand#39s war, was erected in a graveyard.

What does this mean? At a time when constructive statements are being made by members of the government and pro-Kurdish figures, and the militants are talking about returning to their homes, why does the PKK make this move in Lice and stage an attack in Van where a military officer is killed?A review of the developments over the last two years in the settlement process reveals that the PKK did not endorse calanand#39s roadmap and his approach to what is happening and that it is actually resisting his initiative.It is true that some PKK groups do not want a settlement in the Kurdish issue, but an attack like this one requires a central decision and willingness, and nobody is able to erect Korkmazand#39s statute without the consent of a central administration.

The most important problem that needs to be discussed in the settlement process is the withdrawal of the PKK groups from Turkish territories. We are at this point right now.

There is no reason for these groups to stay in Turkey. You cannot find a reason for this.

A pro-Kurdish politician received popular support in the presidential election. What will these attacks and moves achieve in such an environment?Of course there are a lot of pains in the Kurdish region, but the same applies to the western part of Turkey.

We have common traumas and pains. So we need to focus on joint projects addressing common pains and traumas.

This is why the implementation of these projects and the creation of proper mechanisms is an integral part of the settlement process.Regardless of their ethnic background and identity, those who lost their lives in this war could be remembered and somehow revered.

This will create a new culture that ensures that similar pains are not experienced again in the future. Sharing the pain and agony and empathizing with others is just normal and desirable.

However, erecting Korkmazand#39s statue in such a delicate time of the settlement process does not serve this goal it is just a clear provocation against efforts aiming for peace.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman