ORHAN OIUZ – Pardon me, but this is the new Turkey

Pardon me, but this is the new TurkeyWe have elected a president by popular vote for the first time.Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan became Turkeyand#39s 12th president by securing over 50 percent of the general vote.

His balcony speech was no different from previous ones. As usual, he said he will embrace all segments of society.

As he has done the reverse of whatever he has promised in previous balcony speeches, no one except the pro-government media has attached any importance to this claimAt first glance, the opposition partiesand#39 joint candidate, Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu, may be considered unsuccessful. But he didnand#39t have much chance against a politician who used all public resources at will and who attacked his rivals with nasty insults and below-the-belt methods.

Based on his balcony speech, some papers maintained that ErdoIan is offering a vision. But everyone knows that he does not have any intention other than to introduce the presidential system andquotIand#39m going to be a president who sweats,andquot is a sign of that intention.

Turkey suffered great blows to its legal, political and social systems during this election period. How can the damage be compensated? ErdoIan says he will andquotembraceandquot all social segments, but how? Huseyin elik, the spokesperson of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) said, andquotThe AK Party will go on from where it left off.

andquotWhat sort of country has ErdoIan left behind for us?It is the old Turkey, where a great scandal of graft, bribery and theft, exposed to daylight with the investigation of Dec. 17, 2013 was thwarted with a coup by the government! It is the old Turkey, in which court decisions are implemented arbitrarily! It is the old Turkey, where Parliament cannot discuss a prosecutorand#39s summary of proceedings about Cabinet ministers due to pressure from the AK Party! It is the old Turkey, where a company that is responsible for a mining tragedy that claimed the lives of 301 miners is rewarded by the government with an award in the form of a public tender contract!It is the old Turkey, where Gezi Park protesters are labeled andquotapulcuandquot (bandits) and where society is polarized with the lie, andquotThey beat my veiled sisterandquot! It is the old Turkey, where the muezzin who didnand#39t accept the lie, andquotThey drank alcohol in the mosque,andquot was removed from his post! It is the old Turkey, where the mother of Berkin Elvan, who was murdered with a gas canister fired by a police officer during the protests, was booed by a crowd during a rally by the AK Party! It is the old Turkey, where religious opinion leaders are denigrated as andquotfake saints or prophetsandquot or andquothashashinandquot — and this is believed to be part of politics!It is the old Turkey, where prosecutors and police officers who expose graft and bribery are assigned to other provinces, removed from their posts and unfairly profiled! It is the old Turkey, where the police officers who were detained during the July 22 operations were imprisoned without a court decision, as if they were objects, at aIlayan Courthouse in Istanbul! It is the old Turkey, where police chiefs were charged with wiretapping phone calls that occurred two years after they left office!It is the old Turkey, where judges who were arresting police chiefs received instructions from the government via intelligence agents and were caught in the act! It is the old Turkey, where the prime minister and other ministers publicly attempted to force a private bank into bankruptcy! It is the old Turkey, where the foreign minister said andquotThere is nothing to fear about Iraq,andquot and then panicked one day later, saying, andquotNow it is chaosandquot!It is the old Turkey, where a minister tried to legitimize the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) by describing them as a andquotbunch of enthusiastic youthsandquot! It is the old Turkey, where the prime minister threatened his rivals, saying, andquotYou are a Zaza donand#39t be afraid to accept it you are an Alevi donand#39t be afraid to say itandquot!It is the old Turkey, where the prime minister sought to secure nationalist voters by saying, andquotThey labeled me with nasty adjectives in the past pardon me, but they called me an Armenian,andquot but later talked about embracing everyone! It is the old Turkey, where the prime minister who said, andquot[US]President [Barack] Obama does not answer my phone calls, so I told President Abdullah Gul, and#39You call him perhaps he will answer you,and#39andquot is marketed as a world leader! It is the old Turkey, where there were people who conducted unlawful operations saying, andquotThere are sincere people in the grass roots of the parallel structureandquot!This is only part of the AK Partyand#39s political, legal and economic legacy.

If the AK Party will continue where it left off, let us remind them: You left off in the old Turkey. Thanks to you, it is andquotpardon me, butandquot a new Turkey.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman