ORHAN – Democratic Europe’s criminal tendencies

Democratic Europe’s criminal tendenciesWhile the American military was considering how to invade Iraq to bring democracy there, a book, “Les penchants criminels de l’Europe démocratique” (The Criminal Tendencies of Democratic Europe), was published in France. The author of the book was Jean-Claude Milner, who was a student of famous French philosopher Louis Althusser Milner was a famous linguist who wrote many books.

He was also the director of the Collège International de Philosophie (International School of Philosophy) in Paris. Milner’s book was based on a simple but radical argument: “The current crime and fault of European democracy is its call for peace in the Middle East.

In other words, its crime is its ambition to offer a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Milner suggested that such a peaceful solution would mean the destruction of Israel.

Milner concluded that European democracies were offering their own versions of peace to the conflicting parties in order to resolve the Israeli problem But, according to Milner, democratic peace in Europe meant the destruction of the European Jews.European intellectuals have long viewed Jews as the “bad luck” of Europe Nazis tried to address this “bad luck” throughout the entire continent.

Europe, presented as a project of peace and democracy, was consolidated in the aftermath of 1945 Milner contends that this was possible because European lands were free of the Jews as a result of the Nazi genocide.Milner held that the European peoples were marching towards modern democracy by getting rid of genetic manipulation, sexual reproduction, artificial insemination and gender laws in modern times.

However, the Jews did not adopt this type of modernity and transformed their eagerness to preserve their genetics into a principled action due to a fear of destruction. The European project was therefore put into practice as a result of the genocide against the Jewish people, which was followed by the clash between those who still subscribed to the tradition of familial-hereditary ties and those who had abandoned this tradition.

In the end, the people who were considered bad luck for Europe since medieval times were transported to the Middle East where they were allowed to create a state of their own.It is of course possible to object to Milner’s views.

For instance, attributing the attainment of democracy and peace in Europe to the Holocaust may be seen as a radical view. But looking at what has been happening in Gaza, you may find a number of elements that confirm Milner’s views and determine the course of action by the current political decision makers in Israel.

Like Milner, those governing Israel view the calls for peace from Europe or the US as the initiation of the steps that would mean the end of Israel. The bombing of UN schools and hospitals in Gaza and the ongoing bloodshed and cruelty means that the idea of peace is equated with the destruction and elimination of Israel.

The genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza is also important as it indicates the scope of the fear of peace in Israel. As the rulers of Israel and the intellectuals in this country continue to see calls for peace as a reflection of the idea of destroying Israel, only a global initiative may be able to prevent new atrocities in Gaza Thus, the blood spilled in Gaza is Palestinian blood, but the war in Gaza is also a war between the world and Israel at the same time.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman