Organizer lauds Kuwait's contribution to Sfax Children Book Fair

SFAX, Tunisia, March 20 (KUNA) — Chairman of Sfax Children Books Society, the organizer of Sfax Children Book Fair, Naem Siyala has acclaimed Kuwait’s participation in the cultural event.
Kuwait’s contributions to the fair were diverse and effective, Siyala told KUNA.
He noted that Kuwait has partaken in the main event and other activities held on its sidelines.
Siyala cited as examples of the remarkable Kuwaiti contribution, the important and very rich lectures delivered by Managing Editor of KUNA Junior Magazine Dr. Tariq Al-Bakri on children magazines and Amal Al-Randi of Kuwait Writers Association which highlighted the history of children magazines issued in Kuwait since independence.
The lectures and other Kuwaiti activities in the fair have drawn applauses from both visitors and specialists, he said.
He added that Tunisian children are yearning to read more from the Kuwaiti literary and cultural production.
Many children have been asking about the Kuwaiti children magazines such as Al-Arabi Junior, Al-Arabi Scientific, and Al-Taqadom Al-Elmi (or Scientific Advancement). They hope that these magazines would be available in outlets across Tunisia, he said.
Siyala also spoke highly about the Kuwait News Agency’s extended coverage of Sfax Children Book Fair which kicked off March 12 and would conclude March 22. (end) ksj.ibi