Opposition's participation in Geneva talks to champion political process – spokesman

GENEVA, Jan 31 (KUNA) — The opposition will participate in Geneva talks to salvage Syrians and help return those who fled to Europe in fear of death, and to champion the political process, said a senior opposition leader on Sunday.
“The opposition delegation coming from Riyadh is carrying a message of salvation to the Syrian people, especially that the Syrian regime wants to thwart the political process and kill the people,” said Salem Al-Meslet, spokesman of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC), Syria’s main opposition body.
“Russia claims it is fighting terrorism, but it is fighting everything but terrorism, which prevailed after the Russian ‘invasion’ and led to rising displacement rates,” he told a press conference at his hotel residence.
More than 250,000 people have died and more than 12 million have fled their homes in almost five years of war in Syria, which also been the biggest driver behind Europe’s migration crisis.
Al-Meslat also called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility and stop the “Russia-Iranian” occupation of Syria, as well as obliging the Syrian regime to abide by UN Security Council resolution 2254 that was unanimously approved last December.
Geneva is hosting the third round of talks on Syria, which already started January 29, amidst clear disparities among regional and international parties involved. (end) ta.hb