One Turkish soldier killed, another injured by IS shelling

ANKARA, March 26 (KUNA) — One Turkish soldier was killed and another injured in shelling from northern Iraq by the so-called Islamic State (IS), the army said on Saturday.
The Army Chief of Staff said, in a statement, that the attack occurred during armed clashes between IS and Turkish Peshmerga forces in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, near Gedo military base in the north.
The statement noted that Turkish forces stationed in the area retaliated by shelling IS locations.
The Turkish army dispatched forces, near Mosul in Bashiqa military camp, which resulted in dispute between Baghdad and Ankara.
Iraq has submitted a formal complaint to the Security Council, calling for the immediate and unconditional withdraw of Turkish forces, describing it a military interference and blatant violation of international law.
In the past, the Turkish army said part of their forces will be stationed in Bashiqa camp, amid new arrangement plans. (end) rs.mb