OKAN UDO – Fate catches up with Yanal as he quits Fener

Fate catches up with Yanal as he quits FenerandldquoOld habits die hardandrdquo is a popular adage that indeed carries plenty of weight.Consequently, rolling stone Ersun Yanal, who left or was forced to leave almost all the many teams he trained previously before his contract expired, has resigned as coach of Fenerbahe, despite winning the league title in his first season with the Yellow Canaries.

andldquoThe Fenerbahe Sports Club received coach Ersun Yanaland#39s resignation letter at 7:15 pm on Aug. 9 The cluband#39s executive board therefore wishes to thank Yanal for his contributions and also wishes him success in his future endeavors,andrdquo read a statement posted on the Fenerbahe website.

It is not a common occurrence, though, in Turkey for a club to part ways with a championship-winning coach. Hence, Yanaland#39s case may go into the record books as one of the very rare examples in Turkish football.

What exactly did go wrong? Fenerbahe Chairman Aziz YIldIrIm said during a news conference at Iukru SaracoIlu Stadium, home of the Yellow Canaries, the previous day (Friday) that all was not going well with Yanal.andldquoThe new season is about to begin and the [sports] media has been writing and reporting for two days now that after the Rize match [last season], Fenerbahe became champion,andrdquo he said.

andldquoYou [the coach] have had a two-month holiday, the players, too, and all the technical staff. These friends have all returned and have got to report to me and present their plans.

This is my job,andrdquo he noted.andldquoAll the workers and staff of the club have been paid.

Furthermore, the players have to prepare for the upcoming season and be brought to a state of readiness. It is our duty to make these warnings.

We prefer one-to-one talk, not announcements through the media,andrdquo he further said.andldquoI am not concerned about anyoneand#39s private life — not the players, coach or staff.

But when private life interferes with club duties, it is there and then that I have to intervene. [The coach] coming late to the SamandIra training facilities for two-and-a-half months andhellip then it is necessary for me to sound a timely warning,andrdquo YIldIrIm stated.

Love affair rumorsThere are rumors here, there and everywhere that Yanal is involved in an affair or multiple affairs and that his concentration may have aersely been affected by this factor That may be what the club chairman was alluding to when he talked about andldquoprivate life.andrdquoMoreover, Fenerbahe has been unrecognizable in its preseason warm-up matches, losing all but one.

The Canaries were subdued 2-1 by English League One side Sheffield United, shut out 2-0 by Europa League holder Sevilla, beaten 1-0 by BeIiktaI and 2-0 by EPLand#39s ChelseaYanal, of course, had his part of the story. He hammered on about principles without elucidating further andldquoPrinciples are superior to the money we are earning and will earn.

And they are indispensable conditions of success.andrdquoSome may marvel at the departure of title-winning Yanal from Fenerbahe, but not those who follow Turkish football very closely.

Yanal, who took over the Fener helm from Aykut Kocaman last season, is a man who cannot stay at any club for too long. He previously coached Denizlispor, Ankaragucu, GenlerbirliIi, the Turkish national team, Vestel Manisaspor, Trabzonspor and EskiIehirspor with only little success.

Verily, he quit or was kicked out of almost all of these clubs, with the exception of EskiIehirspor, before the expiration of his termWho will now take over the reins of Fenerbahe — one of the hottest seats in the land — with only two weeks to go before the Super Cup against archrival Galatasaray and three before the new league season kicks off? Itand#39s anyoneand#39s guess, but the names of former coach Mustafa Denizli and FC Shakhtar Donetskand#39s Romanian trainer Mircea Lucescu are being floated around.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman