OIC: Arab Peace Initiative Remains a Realistic Opportunity Towards Peace in the Middle East

Paris, Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said that the Arab Peace Initiative is still a historic, serious and realistic opportunity and a courageous step towards peace, stability and security in the region.
In a speech he delivered at the conference on OIC’s position regarding the Middle East peace process, OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen expresses OIC firm commitment to support the Palestinian people’s rights.
Al-Othaimeen reiterated the organization’s position welcoming the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution No. 2334, which condemns the Israeli settlements and demands their halt in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including Al-Quds.
He expressed hope that the resolution would be a step towards the UNSC carrying its responsibilities and embodying a political reference that would enhance the chances of success of the Paris Conference to achieve its desired objectives, notably the launch of a timed multilateral political process to end the Israeli occupation and achieve peace based on the two-state vision.
Al-Othaimeen reaffirmed that East Al-Quds is an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian Territory in 1967, the capital of the State of Palestine, and referred to the religious and spiritual centrality of the City of Al-Quds and the eternal ties of Muslims all over the world to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Source: Qatar News Agency