Obesity Assoc. posts plan to combating obesity for 2016

KUWAIT, Jan 28 (KUNA) — Kuwait Obesity Association posted on Thursday its new 2016 plan for combating the spread of obesity in Kuwait, including adopting new ideas for this goal.
The plan will include holding various lectures to raise awareness on the dangers of obesity in schools, which will be carried out routinely in coordination with the ministry of education, the association’s Board of Directors Dr. Yosif Bo Abbas told KUNA.
Abbas noted the plan would also include publishing a magazine on obesity, in addition to establishing obesity centers in several health centers, in coordination with the ministry of health.
“Obesity is an epidemic that has spread to most countries, and Kuwait registered one of the highest percentages in the Arab world and second globally,” Abbas said, adding that health phenomena is considered one of the most dangerous one that needs more attention and efforts to combat it.
The official noted that the disease also causes various health issues, namely diabetes, and can also cause troubles to heart veins and blood cycles in general. (end) shd.mb