Obama in historic visit to Havana, marks restoration of ties

WASHINGTON, March 20 (KUNA) — US President Barack Obama landed in Havana, Cuba, Sunday on a historic visit for the two countries that saw relationship severed during the cold war.
Obama who is scheduled to visit various civil bodies and meet with the Cuban President Raul Castro in this first US President visit since the 1920’s, and marks a highlight for restoration of ties between the two countries, that are only 145 kms apart, that began toward the end of 2014.
The US Administration has since lifted multiple sanctions imposed on Cuba because of its alliance with the then Soviet Union in the beginning of the 1960’s.
Most important of those sanctions is lifting Cuba from the US list of countries sponsoring of terrorism, in addition to easing travel, trade, commerce and bank transactions.
Obama – accompanied by a delegation of around 1,000 varying from lawmakers to businessmen to a baseball team – is set to give remarks directed to the Cuban people on Tuesday. (end) yt