Obama formally endorses Clinton as his successor in the White House

WASHINGTON, June 9 (KUNA) — In a tweet and video released on Thursday by the White House, President Barack Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.
In the video, Obama said of his former secretary of State, “I don’t think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” The news showed how rapidly the Democratic Party is moving to unite behind presumptive nominee Clinton as she turns her attention to defeating Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election in November.
The Obama announcement came shortly after he met at the White House with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who fought a tough battle against Clinton in an unsuccessful attempt to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination.
Clinton tweeted out a response to the Obama announcement, saying, “Honored to have you with me POTUS. “I’m fired up and ready to go.” The tweet referred to POTUS, which stands for president of the United States, and also played on one of Obama’s famous campaign lines from 2008, when he defeated Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, then won the presidency that November. (end) rm.mb