Obama called ErdoIan because…

Obama called ErdoIan because..

First of all, it is not true that the whole world is all ears about Turkey’s presidential election [held last Sunday], in contrast with the Turkish pro-government media’s exaggerated reporting. The US media did not even report on the Aug.

10 presidential election immediately. It was later that it started to present short news stories on the election results.

Then, commentaries were written saying that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan’s win was no surprise, and the criticisms of ErdoIan were mentioned. Meanwhile, the US administration followed a similar approach.

While ErdoIan was delivering his victory speech, US President Barack Obama was playing golf. In response to insistent questions posed by reporters, the Obama administration released a brief statement saying that Obama was looking forward to working with ErdoIan in his new position.

In fact this is a standard sentence that has been said many times before [about foreign leaders]. But this small statement was enough to excite the Turkish government and the pro-government media However, it is known to everyone that Ankara and Washington have sour relations and that Obama has not spoken to ErdoIan in six months.

Obama called ErdoIan on Tuesday, not Monday. And he was going to call ErdoIan anyway due to state traditions and the interests of the US.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman