Young scientist center YSC – QU continued its multiple achievements, as it completes its excellence in the scientific research field, by earning nomination in the national scientific research competition 2020.
Five YSC research projects were nominated among 720 participating projects from different schools and educational authorities. As one of the main goals of YSC is to involve the students in scientific research and create all possible opportunities for them to guarantee their effective participation.
The Center also enhances the leadership skills, critical thinking and creative thinking, as well as it encourages creativity and entrepreneurship skills. As The Center and its students have witnessed successes in many national and international research competitions.
The YSC students participated in the National scientific research competition 2020 with different researches in various categories such as Energy category, Engineering, Chemistry and materials science, earth and Environmental sciences, as well as, Plants and animal sciences category. These researches are characterized by its brilliant ideas, providing innovative solutions that serve different scientific fields. A research entitled “mechanical energy harvesting from polymer based fibers “was nominated in the energy category, while in the environmental engineering category a research was nominated under the title” biodegradable polymer nano-composite for transparent electronics”. In addition, a research entitled “polymeric nano-composite coatings for corrosion protection of steel” was nominated for the chemistry and material science category. In the plant and animal sciences category a research entitled “hydrogel sensors for agricultural applications” was nominated, while a research entitled ”dye wastewater treatment” was nominated in the earth and environmental sciences category.
The ideas of these projects were generated in the laboratories of Qatar University and developed by the YSC student under the supervision of specialized researchers and expert professors in the field of scientific research. All teams worked with their supervisors from with great enthusiasm and professionalism to bring the projects to the highest scientific levels and achieve the best practical results. All participants made a great effort in conducting the scientific experiments and performing sample tests using advanced laboratory equipment. All steps of the scientific researchers have been applied and recorded in high quality research reports.
Dr. Nora Jaber Al Thani, Director of the YSC-QU, expressed her sincere pride for the nomination of the researches in the national scientific research competition 2020. She added, “Our continuous endeavor to involve our students in scientific competitions comes in the context of the center’s interest in enhancing the research skills from the early educational stages, as the development of young minds is the key to scientific progress and the advancement of the state of Qatar. She also praised the efforts of the center’s sponsors, Ras Laffan Social Communication Program, and the center’s partners who are UNESCO Doha Office and the Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science. She added, “I thank the continuous support of the sponsors for their appreciation of the Center’s efforts in developing the educational level of the Qatari youth”.


Source: Qatar University