New wards created at Scientific-Research Institute of Lung Diseases due to Ebola virus

Baku: Persons with any suspicious case of the Ebola virus will be placed at the newly created wards.

Chief of the disease control sector of the Ministry of Health Victor Gasimov said in a statement to APA new related wards have been created at the at Scientific-Research Institute of Lung Diseases and persons with any suspicious case of the Ebola virus will be placed at those wards. He added that the Ministry of Health has completed all the preparatory work against the Ebola virus, if a sign of the disease is detected, there are wards for patients to be placed and a sufficient amount of drugs for modern treatment. Gasimov noted that there are no specific drugs to treat the disease, but there are plenty of drugs for symptomatic treatment.

The ministry official also said Thermo visor, a new apparatus that measures the temperature to discover the symptoms of the virus, has been proposed to be installed: “The Ministry of Health has made a relevant request to the State Customs Committee for installation of this apparatus. The ministry gave the necessary information about the situation, proposed to install the apparatus and they are currently working on it. I was informed that they are currently working to install the apparatus. This is a device that measures temperature. The top issue for us is to examine people coming from African countries. If any case is detected, the Ministry of Health will be informed”.

Note that, Deputy Minister of Health, the country’s senior sanitary doctor Abbas Valibeyov has signed an order on strengthening preventive and anti-epidemic measures against the Ebola virus as well as preventing the disease from spreading to the country.