New Fleet of Karwa Taxi Launched for Persons with Special Needs

Mowasalat company has launched a new fleet of Karwa taxis that offer services to persons with special needs and which are equipped with all safety and security requirements and features that provide a convenient and comfortable service.

The new taxis are launched in two types with different seating capacity that can accommodate from two to three wheelchairs along with seats for their escorts.

With the new fleet, the number of these vehicles has reached 20, which Mowasalat was keen on providing with all features that make them easy to use. They have ramps that can take up to 400kg weight. Built-in safety locks and non-slippery floors keep wheelchairs stable inside the vehicle. Electrically operated doors are among the other advanced features.

Karwa taxi for passengers with special needs can be ordered or booked through the toll-free number 8008294 or through the Karwa Taxi app.

Source: Government of Qatar