New documentary exposes Qatar’s plans to undermine UAE security – 1st add


Relatives Al Suwaidi, who is serving a 10-year jail sentence after the secret organisation case, also detailed his journey with the terrorist group.

“The beginning was in 1989, when I made Bai’aa, or the pledge of allegiance to the organisation, and the fall continued until I became a member of the advisory board. The organisation’s operations are highly secretive, and it has a structure that cascades into committees for educational, social, media, women’s and youth affairs,” he said.

He also revealed that the organisation’s budget came from membership subscriptions, donations and grants, as well as investments in property and stocks, adding that its largest front in the UAE was the now-disbanded Al Islah Society.

Al Suwaidi added the organisation has worked on attracting all segments of the community, with a particular focus on tribal dignitaries, businessmen and the children of senior officials.

He cited education as a cornerstone of the organisation’s philosophy to control the minds of the youth, to draw them into the terrorist group. In this context, he referred to the “Al Jazeera School,” which was owned at that time by Hamad bin Jassem, Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, and was once visited by the then Israeli Prime Minister.

He revealed that his own residence in Qatar was used a venue for a meeting between the Qatari terrorist group and the Emirati secret terrorist group, under the alleged umbrella of “Gulf co-ordination.”

He also noted that like other brotherhood organisations, the group in the UAE has operated under heavy secrecy and discipline and a strict hierarchy. The group had an executive bureau, an advisory board and committees working on educational, social, media, women’s and youth affairs.

Al Suwaidi stated that he continued working for the group until his arrest and trial.

“The group rode the wave of the ‘Arab Spring’ in some Arab countries and became more vocal about their ideology. Many of them resorted to social media and suddenly, everyone started to write and tweet uncontrollably,” he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency