Netherlands to take part in air attacks against IS in Syria

BRUSSELS, Jan 29 (KUNA) — The Dutch government agreed Friday that Dutch fighter jets will take part in raids over Syria against the so-called Islamic State, IS, targets.
“We can only prevent attacks if we remove IS’ safe havens in Iraq and Syria,” Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte was quoted saying by the Dutch press.
The Netherlands currently has four F16 fighters flying missions over Iraq and their mission will now be extended to eastern Syria, Rutte said.
Moreover, the Netherlands will intensify its support for the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces in Iraq Kurdistan, he noted.
“The recent terrorist attacks in Paris make it clear that IS remains a threat to our security and our way of life,” Rutte said.
“The start of peace talks in Geneva on Friday is a step in the right direction but the process, remains fragile,” he added. (end)