Need for faster appointments for Schengen visas- paper.

WAM ABU DHABI: Faster appointments for Schengen visas were urged on Thursday by a local UAE newspaper as a waiting time of three months may be too long given that travel plans can be spontaneous.

“It is the era of outsourcing and the fact that Schengen visas in the UAE are being issued through an outsourced firm should not have any unusual concerns attached to it, except that this system seems to have come under severe scrutiny as the summer holiday rush begins,” the English language daily paper Gulf News wrote in an editorial comment today.

Noting that bottlenecks in the visa processing procedures are squeezing the joy out of people’s holiday plans, the paper said waiting for three months for an appointment may seem a stretch too many, given the fact that holiday or travel plans can be reasonably spontaneous, and it is less the tedium of formal procedures and more the alacrity of policies that enable visa seekers to experience efficiency.

“While assigning categories of urgency to the visa process may be a logical way to tackle the rush, it is important to ensure that these decisions are fully governed by logic and not seen to be a means to inveigle people to part with more money, the Dubai-based newspaper added.

“The fact that most other areas of the visa-obtaining process are being termed as satisfactory by people, except the appointment procedures, only serves to emphasise the belief that a chain is as strong as its weakest link,” it concluded.


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