NATO Members May Meet Trump’s Extra Spending Demands

Washington, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members may give in to U.S. President Donald Trump’s demands and spend more in the respective defense sectors, according to Cato Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

“I expect to see a modest increase in military expenditures by a number of NATO countries over the next few years. This would be beneficial, for them, and for global security, generally,” Christopher Preble, Cato’s vice president for defense and foreign policy, told CNBC on Thursday.

Preble said that the mere emergence of Trump on the political arena was enough to rattle NATO members; adding that President Trump looked adamant to the idea of burden sharing, based on his ‘America First’ remarks in his inaugural address Preble also warned that in today’s changing geopolitical world, the alliance needs to revisit its basic fundamentals, Preble warned.

During his election campaign, Trump criticized European members for not doing enough to uphold their part of the alliance and not paying their bills. In a July interview with the New York Times, he said the U.S. would offer military protection to NATO countries in the case of an attack only if members offered reasonable reimbursement.

Source: Qatar News Agency