Mwani Qatar Sets Conditions for Suppliers Registration

Mwani Qatar has invited interested suppliers to register on its website to become one of its suppliers, by filling out the required data in the Supplier Register.

The Company has specified a number of terms and conditions to be complied with in case of the approval of supplier registration, including: Supplier or contractor must update its data in case of awarding work before it starts and verify the validity of the work data under contract, Invitations to participate in practices, tenders must be answered as soon as possible and before closure, while it’s not allowed to apologize for the request of supply, or work after issuance, except for convincing reasons accepted by the Qatar Port Management Company, and in the case of not responding more than (3) times without a letter of apology for participation, the company will be excluded from the Suppliers lists if there are no convincing reasons for not responding.

Source: Government of Qatar