Municipality and Environment Minister attends the Leaders Summit on Climate: 22 April 2021


HE MR. Abdulla bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, Minister of Municipality and Environment participated as a keynote speaker in the virtual sub session on Adaptation and Resilience, held on the sidelines of the Leaders Summit on Climate organized by the United States on 22 April 2021. Mr. Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security also took part in the Session.

In his statement, HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment affirmed that Qatar is deeply committed to address the issue of climate change, providing examples on Qatar’s efforts domestically and internationally to ensure a more sustainable world. Preservation and development of the environment, he added, is one of the four central pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, which constitutes the basis for the state’s plans for responsible development. Qatar takes an integrated governmental approach to confront all aspects of the climate change factors, he asserted.


It should be noted that Qatar was invited to this Session as a direct result of the State’s success in improving its food security at an extraordinary time, in addition to its significant efforts to support other countries internationally in their attempt to achieve sustainable food security.


HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment further highlighted how Qatar was able, since 2017, to transfer from importing nearly 90% of its food needs, to 100% self-sufficiency in numerous agricultural products. Qatar, he stressed, quickly rose to the challenge, through the deployment of advanced agricultural techniques and the endorsement of a set of supply chain solutions to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and decrease water consumption.


He further discussed how Qatar supports the efforts of sustainability and resilience on the international level, underscoring, in particular:


–        Qatar’s participation as a founding member in the One Planet Initiative; which is an attempt to accelerate the integration of climate change issues in asset management all over the world;


–         Qatar commitment to host the first carbon-neutral edition in the history of FIFA World Cup in 2022, to build sustainable heritage for the coming generations, in line with the utility and benefits of the net-zero solutions;


–        Qatar’s support for development process which aims to promote sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and food security in several countries through ‘Silatech’ program. The state, by working with partners, has been able to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and increase food security in 18 states, it has been operating in. It further contributed to the creation of more than 1.7 million employment opportunities for youth in Africa and the Middle East; and


?         Qatar’s pledge to contribute with USD 100 million to support the Small Island Developing States and the Least Developed countries in dealing with climate change, natural hazards and environmental challenges.


HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment concluded by calling for collective global action against climate change. Everyone in Qatar, he emphasized, is committed not only to slow down the impacts of climate change, but to lay down a stronger foundation for comprehensive and sustainable world growth, which will benefit all for decades to come. We are committed to work side by side with each and every one of you to ensure that these efforts bear fruit, he added.


Source: Municipality and Environment