MOTC Promotes Digital Transformation for Enterprises

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) revealed the launch of 7 new training sessions and workshops, to support communication with appropriate service providers, enhance the digital transformation of companies, and activate their online presence. Noting the benefits and incentives for digital transformation for SMEs.

The workshops aim to encourage the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises in Qatar, enable companies to excel in the use of modern technology, and promote awareness of the benefits of using them in the business sector, in order to achieve maximum benefit from various technologies to save time, effort and cost, and increase productivity, profit and innovation.

In this context, The Ministry affirmed its commitment to developing and sustaining the information and communications technology sector in the country at various levels, as it seeks to support the development of the state’s knowledge-based economy by providing and developing an environment for an innovative and sustainable digital society, and through programs that encourage the use of information technology in small and medium enterprises, Promote awareness of the benefits of using modern technology in the business sector.


Source: Government of Qatar