MOTC Launches Smart Qatar Platform “TASMU” Today


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) will celebrate today the launch of “TASMU” platform that is regarded as one of a kind solution for smart cities. According to “TASMU” website, the platform has been upgraded via a coalition of the most important international technology companies led by Ooredoo. The platform will work on empowering the Smart Qatar Vision by using the developed infrastructure to provide a smart lifestyle for citizens, residents, visitors, and companies in the State of Qatar.

According to a video posted by MOTC on its official Twitter account, the platform is the main driving force for Smart Qatar Project (TASMU) and one of the pioneering national projects adopted by MOTC. Moreover, it is the main nucleus for achieving digital progress that Qatar seeks to realize so that the country will lead the smart states worldwide.

“TASMU” has been particularly designed to speed up the achievement of all pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, and this program will be a launching platform for making progress toward digital economy and smart future.


Source: Government of Qatar