MOTC Launches Accreditation Program for Cybersecurity Audit Providers

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) launched an accreditation program for cybersecurity audit service providers. The launch is part of the national framework for compliance with information security, in accordance with the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

At the press conference held on this occasion, the Department of Compliance and Data Protection at MOTC said that at the end of the pilot phase of the program, two companies were identified as the first providers of cybersecurity services adopted in Qatar, in the field of auditing the national information security standard and the standards of e-government services.

MOTC has also announced that registration for companies concerned with cybersecurity is now open if they wish to obtain certification for cybersecurity audit services, stressing that if these companies complete the standards and requirements of the Department, they will be able to obtain accreditation within 6 weeks. It also revealed the close of the pilot phase of the compliance program, which is a certificate to be given to those wishing to ensure that their standards in cybersecurity comply with the national framework for compliance with information security.

Source: Government of Qatar