MOTC Continues the Completion of Field Survey Covering 20,000km of Roads


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) is continuing the completion of a field technical survey of the road network assets, covering 20,000km of roads, bridges and tunnels, as well as surveying the assets of ancillary roads, such as lampposts, road signs and safety barriers. The road network in the State of Qatar is regarded as among the most vital pillars for contributing to stimulating the national economy, speeding up the social development, and developing and improving the logistics services.

MOTC clarified in this regard that it depends on using advanced techniques and devices for assessing road assets performance, since monitoring and recording the status of road assets is carried out by using 3D MX9 survey system devices. Moreover, 3D profiling of road surface is carried out by using ROMDAS multifunctional devices, as well as following global specifications and Qatar Roads Maintenance Manual.

Source: Government of Qatar